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                                  43,000 SqFt Three-Story Building

                                             Registered with the U.S. Green Building Council

Oversaw the erection of 3-stories of ICF walls to a new 43,000 square foot U.S. Army Reserve Training Center at Parks Reserve Forces Training Area in Dublin, CA. The building has a unique split design with massive ICF atrium wqall that divides the building in half with a single story on the north side and three stories on the south side. The atrium is made of heat trapping concrete to help heat the office area as well as drive natural ventilation and cooling through buoyancy. The building's design is an innovative combination of passive energy systems with radiant flooring, natural ventilation, moisture resistance and daylighting. The base is working toward a net zero future of zero net energy consumption and zero annual carbon emissions.

Reserve Center Rendering.jpg

The rendering of the facility is provided by Mason & Hanger, the project's Designer of Record.

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Rerserve Center Walls.jpg
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