5,200 sqft

                     Sloping Hills Auburn, CA 

View of the house from the East Face

U. Construction w-sky.PNG

A highly energy efficient, sustainably built and utilitarian home that functioned perfectly for the owner's lifestyle. It is built with 4 high cube containers stacked (2 @ 40' and 2@ 45').  

View of the house from the West Face

Mike Pouring Concrete.jpg
Mike and bunch guys pouring.jpg
Pouring concrete in window.PNG

The ICF block has an anterior :webbing" that reinforces the block that gives the concrete something to stick to in addition to the rebar. 

Pouring concrete into ICF blocks. The ICF forms allow concrete to cure and remain in place and act as insulation. 

The 90' boom easily reaches over the far side of the house. Vibrator and shoring - monitoring the flow