3,500 sqft with 10' Walls

                             Carmichael, CA 

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This home was an owner-builder project. Evans Construction was a sub-contracted to erect and pour the AMVIC wall system. for the ICF construction. Built near busy Fair Oaks Blvd. the sound-suppression of the concrete was critical to the owner's decision to build with ICF. 

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Blocks are stacked to full height and vertical rebars are installed. ICF walls are braced and ready to be filled with concrete.  

Concrete is poured 4 ft at a time with a boom pump and a vibrator and aerator are used to remove air pockets. Once filled, the ICF Blocks remain in place functioning as thermal insulation for completed walls. 


Bracing with a twist. Due to the hydronic radiant heat tubing in the slab, the bracing has an extra member extending from the bottom of the strongback out to the adjuster foot of the brace. This avoids having to drill into the slab at the adjuster foot location. 


Reinforced corners and OSB braces.