Benefits of ICF

- Energy Efficient: 40-60% Savings

   High Energy Efficiency. The superior insulation, air tightness and mass of ICF walls reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. ICF walls have high thermal mass which buffers the interior from the extremes of outdoor temperature. 

- Earth Friendly

   Building with ICFs saves at least 10 trees per home on the average. Less jobsite waste, reduced landfill contribution and reduced carbon footprint.  Webbing is all recycled material. 

- Quieter

   Compared to a wood frame wall, only about 1/4 to 1/8 as much sound penetrates through an ICF wall. 


- Healthier & Cleaner

   75% reduction in outside infiltration (less dust and allergens). The interlocking ICF blocks sealed with continuous concrete in the center, makes ICF walls exceptionally air-tight. 

   The expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam used in ICF is a closed cell structure and acts as a moisture barrier on both sides making absorption and migration of moisture virtually impossible.  

- Durability and Disaster Resistant

   ICF buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger. ICF walls have a 4 hour fire rating as opposed to 15 minutes for a comparable wood-framed wall. With additional reinforcement appropriate to the level of seismic activity, ICF construction is highly resistant to earthquakes and other shifts. 


- Lower Maintenance

   Expanded ICF structures are highly resistant to extreme weather damage, insect infestations and water incursions. There is no wood rot, rust or other degradation from the elements. The walls do not shift or settle eliminating nail pops, cracks in the drywall and other maintenance issues. Depending on the area, most insurance companies will offer discounts for property insurance. 

- Radiation

   Concrete can stop all kinds of radiation, including alpha, beta and gamma rays. 


- Versatility to Custom Architectural Designs

   ICF homes, commercial and industrial structures can be designed in any style and will accept any exterior finish (brick, stucco, vinyl or wood siding). Because custom angles and curves are easily created, it's simple to build in bows, bays and radiuses. ICF systems accommodate any of today's most popular designs i.e. cathedral ceilings, large openings, tall walls, unusual floor spans, etc. 

   EPS Foam can easily be shaped to create radius walls, arches, step footings, pilasters and parapet walls. ICF can accommodate a wide range of wall thicknesses and any other unique requirements. 

ICF construction can be designed to meet non-combustible qualifications and projects specifying sound reduction. 

- Many "Green" Advantages  

  • Air-Tight Construction

  • No Off-Gassing for better control of indoor air quality

  • Minimal Construction Waste

  • Durable Building Materials and Performance

  • Recycled Content

  • Local Manufacturing

  • Refer to ICF Points to LEED (attachment)


Infrared Photo of conventional home - Note the bright orange indicating heat loss all over the front of the house. 


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